Just Ewe and Me, Kid

This story starts last February when the folks at Kingdom decided to form a knitting group. We’re an optimistic bunch since, for a lot of us, this meant learning how to knit. Some of the guys even gave it a fling.  I have a strong feeling most of them will stick to deer hunting and computer games, but they tried, and nobody teased them about it either.

All of this knitting had a purpose…we’re not the kind of people who will just knit randomly! We wanted to share our skills and time and the general resulting fluffiness with others.  By June, we had a finished, beautiful and cozy afghan!

ewe and me

It was harder to come up with a name for our group than to knit the afghan, but we finally settled on The Ewe and Me Knitting Group. The Ewe and Me’s decided that rather than just donate the afghan directly to an organization, we would hold a raffle for it. Auction proceeds will go to our Christmas for Families program, the Kingdom  holiday outreach program. Two families, one from our northern exchanges and one from our southern exchanges, will be chosen, with the help of referrals from community sources. We use a wish list of each family’s wants and needs, and go shopping for food and gifts.

A hand-forged blanket pin to go with the afghan was designed and created by Andy  of the plant department. The blanket pin can be used to secure the afghan around the shoulders or to pin on a scarf or other wrap. It’s a beautiful piece of art!Pin

The afghan is easy care. We made it in acrylic yarn, so you can machine wash and dry it. The drawing is open to Kingdom members, employees, the Board and the general public. Tickets sell for $1 each; 6 for $5. The drawing will be held on December 18, 2009. The afghan and pin are on display in the business office and will travel to the Road Shows and Open House.



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