The Annual Meeting Prize Drawing

We have no real way to get an exact head count at the Annual Meeting, but have to take an educated guess. This year our educated guess was “around 700”. A quorum was reached with 349 shareholders, 33 proxies and 18 assignments. Each shareholder in attendance is entered into the prize drawing, so 349 shareholders were competing for 153 items – a flat screen TV, a laptop, a digital camera, 50 hams and 100 turkeys. Even by my shaky math, it seems like those are good, even great,  odds! Add to that the special prize drawings  for Newlyweds, Kids 13-18 and Kids 12 & Under we’ve had in the last two years, and you’ll find that attending the Annual Meeting is a lot of fun. When we start the meeting, it’s obvious folks are anxious to get through the order of business and start those drawings! You can see that the 2010 prize winners pictured below look like they are having a very good time!

The first prize winner is given “choice” between the three prizes, a laptop, a flat screen TV, and a digital camera. Connie L. Taylor is pictured holding her brand new laptop computer.

Kayla Brinegar was the winner in the 13-18 year age group. She received an i-Pod Touch music player.

The Kids’ Prize, age 12 and under, was won by Bethany Morris. She was awarded a $100 Wal-Mart gift Certificate.

The Newlywed Couple, Diane and Kenneth Leisinger, won the Nintendo Wii gamin system. Diane and Kenneth married two months ago.


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