“Future Proof” Fiber

During my lifetime – and yours – America has been the dominant force on the planet. Now we are learning that for our country to continue to compete, lead, and excel,  we need more speed in our broadband networks.  That’s why Kingdom and the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) industry are moving forward toward the day when every community can tap directly into fiber networks offering almost unlimited bandwidth. FTTH networks today are capable of delivering transmission speeds of up to 100 megabits per second downstream – and almost as much upstream. These fiber networks are considered “future proof, and continuing improvements in technology will propel huge increases in bandwidth over the same fiber.

In just the past four years, more than four million U.S. households have been connected directly into these high-speed, all-fiber networks. And while the U.S. continues to have one of the world’s highest growth rates with regard to FTTH deployment, we still have a long way to go before catching up with industrial competitor countries such as Korea and Japan, where 100 megabit subscriber connections are now commonplace. It’s a project of gigantic dimensions and an exciting time. Excuse our dust!

Facts about FTTH

1. Number of North American fiber-to-the-home connections (as of March 2010): 5.8 million
2. Approximate annual growth rate in FTTH subscribers: 30+ percent
3. Number of homes passed: 18.2 million (16 percent of households)
4. FTTH household market penetration in North America: 6.6 percent
5. Estimated number of North American providers of FTTH services: More than 750
6. Proportion of small independent telecoms that say they will likely upgrade to or expand FTTH service in the next few years: Approximately 75 percent
7. World’s leading economies in FTTH household market penetration: South Korea (52% of households have FTTH), Japan (34%), Hong Kong (33%) and Taiwan (24%) Rank of US among world’s G-20 nations in terms of FTTH penetration: Third (After South Korea and Japan)
8. Percentage of US FTTH subscribers who are satisfied with their FTTH Internet service: 86 percent
9. Percentage that are satisfied with their FTTH HD-TV picture quality: 88 percent
10. Percentage of subscribers who say their FTTH connection enables them to work from home more often: 17 percent


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