Taking Willilamsburg by Storm

October started off with the final Road Show of 2010, held in Williamsburg. This year, as well as last year, we were at the Community Center for the event. We hope we didn’t confuse too many people after so many years of cooking in Crane’s parking lot by the side of the highway. The Road Show then was – quite literally –  a ROAD Show. The Community Center offers us a lot of amenities like tables, chairs, and water if we need it. The weather was picture-perfect last Friday, but the previous year we had a cold, rainy day that made us grateful for an enclosed, heated space. We plan on holding the Williamsburg Road Show at the Community Center next year, so be sure to look for us there.

On Friday, October 15, we round out Cooperative Month with the Open House in Auxvasse from 11 a.m. – to 1 p.m. Later that afternoon, when the Open House is over, and we’ve cleaned up, we will reach into the fishbowl and pick the three winners of the drawing. We are giving away a Kingdom Telephone gift certificate for $50; a firepit that converts into a coffeetable for the patio; and an e-reader that stores electronic books, magazines, and newspapers. Cross your fingers and wish for another perfect fall day!


1 Response to “Taking Willilamsburg by Storm”

  1. 1 Mylene October 8, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    Looking forward to next Friday! Bringing the grandchildren because they want to see where Papa works. Would love to win a prize but the visiting will be gift enough if I am not lucky!

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