How Big is the Internet?

I still remember the first time I went online. It was about fifteen years ago in the late ’90s, and I was awestruck. My boss and I would sit down at lunch and say, “Where should we go today?” The first day we went to the Louvre to view the art.

Big libraries leave me awestruck in the same way because I love to read and love to learn. I get excited and want to grab everything in sight. Kid in a candy store. Well, fifteen years ago, there was the Internet, where, at the touch of a button, I could have all the red hots, licorice, and fudge I wanted!

Today the Internet has become a very big candy store, indeed. Sources gathered from around the world (online, of course) present the following statistics.

Between 2005 and 2010, the number of Web users doubled, and was expected to surpass two billion in 2010.

According to a 2001 study, there were a massive number, over 550 billion, of documents on the Web, mostly in the invisible Web, or Deep Web.

A 2002 survey of 2,024 million Web pages determined that by far the most Web content was in English: 56.4%; next were pages in German (7.7%), French (5.6%), and Japanese (4.9%).

On July 25, 2008, Google software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj announced that Google Search had discovered one trillion unique URLs.

As of May 2009, over 109.5 million websites operated.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Go ahead, have another piece of fudge!


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