Annual Meeting 2012: Take the Tour

We had a good Annual Meeting this year. In point of fact, folks always look like they are enjoying themselves, but somehow this year seemed better than usual. Maybe it was the weather, which was sunny and more than pleasant for early March. Maybe it was the band. I have to admit I enjoyed Win Grace and Friends quite a bit, and I noticed several people in the audience smiling and leaning forward in anticipation. They were clearly into her performance. Check out Win Grace in action here,

This year we saw a director retire and a new one take his place. Hank Lindemann stepped down after twenty-eight years on the board. Read more about Hank’s retirement in this post at The vacancy for the Mokane exchange directorship was filled by Jim Buffington.

Members voted a total of 364 ballots, plus 65 proxies and 19 assignments. The votes broke down this way:

Mokane Exchange
Stan Kriete 21
Heidi Lindemann Powers 286
Jim Buffington 325

Williamsburg Exchange
Gene Austin 256
Wayne Schmidt 70

At Large: Southern Exchange
Glen Horstman 279
Earl Williamson 46

The new Skitter TV products drew a lot of attention. Joyce, Suzie and Lee were on hand to answer questions at the Skitter TV booth, by far one of the most popular places at the meeting.

The Callaway County 4-H dished up a hearty lunch of sloppy joes, baked beans, cole slaw and homemade pie.

Even Kingsley has a mom. Kathy Huddleston took a break during a lull in registration and was swallowed up in a Great Big Lion Embrace. Her son, Eric, was an excellent Kingsley, especially when he got front and center in the gym to boogie with the band. The cat has some smoooooth moves!

And, finally, we had prize winners. Jacob Jones was the winner of the flat screen TV; Robert and Tammy Davidson won an iPad; and William and Patricia Eicks got the Nook e-reader. In the Kids’ Drawing 12 & Under, Cassidy Mealy was the lucky young lady who went home with $50 in her pocket. Jake Laffleur took the $50 in the Kids’ Drawing 13-18. In addition to these winners, 50 people took home hams and 100 won turkeys. They need to team up with the twenty-five winners of the Cookin’ for Life cookbook!


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