Are You Ready to e-Cycle?

Are you ready to purchase a new electronic device? Then get ready to e-cycle. When we talk about electronic products, we are talking about more than just televisions, cell phones and computer products. We are also referring to DVD players, VCRs, video cameras, digital cameras, gaming consoles, stereos, answering machines, photocopiers, scanners, printers and the list goes on. When you decide that it’s time to trade up your product for a newer model, consider these possibilities before you pull the plug:

  • Reuse it – You can add memory or other upgrades to old computers. You can connect your gaming systems, VCRs or DVD players to working televisions.
  • Donate it – Schools, nursing homes and other organization might have a need for a television to watch movies or even training videos. Computers can be refurbished and used for a variety of things. Cell phones can be used as emergency use cell phones for the elderly, disabled, battered women’s shelters, etc.
  • Recycle it – There are environmentally friendly options available to recycle, instead of throw away, old electronic products. A legitimate electronics recycler can remove potentially hazardous materials. Doing so will not only help prevent those materials from accidentally being exposed to the environment but also means the materials can be reused to make new products.

For more on recycling electronic products, visit the e-Cycle Missouri web site,

To learn about upcoming e-cycle events around the state, go to


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