The Lion and the Annual Meeting


Kingdom Telephone customers turned out for the 58th Annual Meeting on March 2 to re-elect incumbent directors Jim Hughes, Doug Lensing and Danelle Uebinger to their positions on the Board. A quorum of 328 was reached with 309 shareholders, 14 proxies, and 5 assignments.

Voting broke down as follows.
Hatton Exchange: Jim Hughes – 170; David Winkler – 98
Rhineland Exchange: Doug Lensing – 258; Arthur Doerr – 47
At-Large Northern Exchange: Danelle Uebinger – 246; Ryan Cundiff – 46

Keep going…this gets better.

The prize-drawing was held at the end of the meeting. Jesse McCrae won the TV; Harold and Charlotte Garrison chose the iPad; and William and Susan Butcher received the Nook e-reader. Winners of the Kids’ Drawing each went home with $50. They were Josh Hollingsworth, 15, and Sam, 10. Other prizes awarded were 50 hams and 100 turkeys.

Those are the dry statistics. Now for the human interest part of the story – or perhaps I should say feline interest. As he has every year, Kingsley The Kingdom Lion served as host.  But first, the back story on Kingsley. He arrived via UPS in a box about ten years ago from foreign parts, quite possibly New Jersey. The talent agency said he was a skilled entertainer and quite the crowd pleaser, and he has lived up to his reputation. After all, he comes from a show biz family. His regal mane towers above the crowd as he graciously distributes candy, toys, and hugs to the children. Most adore him, a very few find him fearsome, and one or two smart alecks pull his tail. And, man, can that cat dance! He throws himself into it with joyously wild abandon…to the point of exhaustion. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. See for yourselves!






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