It Pays to Be a Member

Check in Mail

We are pleased to announce that for the twenty-second year in a row, capital credits will be paid to the shareholders of Kingdom Telephone Company. The checks will hit the post office on Monday, September 15th, and are based on 16% of the 1986 balance plus 16% of the 2013 allocations.

A brief explanation of how capital credits work may be in order. Kingdom Telephone Company is a cooperative, owned by its members, who accumulate capital credits when they purchase telephone and other telecommunication services from Kingdom Telephone Company. At the end of each fiscal year, Kingdom determines the margin, which is the excess money after operating costs and expenses have been paid. This margin is allocated in the form of a check to the members who received services during that year, disbursed according to the dollar amount of services which they have purchased.

Still curious? Or confused? For a full explanation of the administration of capital credits, please refer to the Kingdom Telephone Bylaws, Article VII in your telephone directory. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at 573-386-2241.


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