Good Housekeeping for Your Computer

Computer Housekeeping

Resolutions. They come with the new year.  Humans seem to react to the passage of time with the urge to turn over a new leaf, cultivate healthier habits, and  organize their world. When you are making your list of New Year resolutions, add performing good computer housekeeping to it. The coming of the new year is a good time to begin to a routine to take care of the tasks that will keep your computer running at optimum performance.

Housekeeping commonly involves removing old or unused files, removing programs no longer being used, backing up data, or running disk utilities such as a ScanDisk, Defrag, or antivirus scan. Housekeeping keeps your computer organized, running properly, and should be performed on a regular basis. Some tasks like virus scans and backups should be performed at least once a month; some, like Defrag, may be done on a yearly basis.

Have a happy New Year – and good luck with your resolutions!


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