A Look Back at the 30th Annual Meeting

Preparations are heating up for the Annual Meeting on March 7. The Annual Report and Notice of the Annual Meeting should arrive in your mailboxes in the next few days. We’re busy placing newspaper ads, ordering giveaways, picking up prizes, and arranging for food. Jobs are assigned, layouts are designed, and techs test computer programs to make sure registration will run smoothly. It’s a big project, one which we have down to a fine science. It’s certainly not the first rodeo for any of the Kingdom staff!

The meeting this year is our 60th, so we’re celebrating a bit. The details can be found in your Annual Meeting Notice and will appear on the blog closer to the date of the meeting. Right now let’s reminisce about our 30th Annual Meeting. A foray into our newsletter archive yielded a few bits and pieces of co-op history.

In 1985, the Annual Meeting was held on March 2 at 1:30 at South Callaway R-II High School. The entertainment was a guest speaker, Senator David Doctorian of Macon, Missouri.

Board candidates were Gene Austin, David Bruns, Glen Horstman, Robert Hoehn, Henry Lindemann, and Larry Ward. The winners are easy to guess because they became long-term board members. Gene Austin, Glenn Horstman, and Henry Lindemann were re-elected to their positions. At that time, board members did not represent a specific exchange,

Tom Blevins, Plant Superintendent of the time, had just been selected as the new General Manager and would appear at the meeting in his new capacity for the first time.

The prizes were nearly all monetary. Martin Wilson won the special prize of $100, Mrs. Selma Elsenrath took home $75, Lee Gibbs won $60, and Marshall M. Jones won $45. There were seven additional monetary prizes; three of them in the amount of $10. Tinsley Haden, The Senior Citizen, received a gift of flowers.

As you can see, over the years we have fine-tuned and tweaked the details and format of annual meeting day. Each year we evaluate what went well and what could have gone better. We make improvements with the goal that running our co-op won’t be a chore for our members, but a fun time to anticipate.


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