Let the Internet Help You Ace Your Driver’s Test


A Kingdom customer recently shared a website with us — and the story of how it helped her granddaughter become a licensed driver.  In fact, this grandmother was so pleased with the results her granddaughter achieved using http://www.drivingoffice.com/ that she was motivated to pay it forward so others could enjoy the same benefits.

“When my granddaughter was going for her driving permit test I took it upon myself to do some research and make sure she not only had the tools she’d need to pass the test (and save me the headache of driving back and forth to the DMV), but make sure she had the knowledge she’d need to be a safe driver. In doing so, I came across DrivingOffice.com – a site that has practice tests for each state; which she used to quiz herself and prepare for the actual exam. The site was a perfect complement to her driver’s education course. I was inspired to share it with you when I saw your page. She used a few other driving permit tests, but found this one to be the most useful to her purposes and attributes it to her success in passing the first time (she spent hours studying the practice road signs tests). I pray she retains the knowledge and stays safe!”

Learning to drive and passing the driver’s test can be a stressful experience for a lot of people, and this site offers tools to help create knowledgeable and confident drivers. The site is comprised of three main parts: Permit Practice Tests, Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests, and Road Sign Tests. Driving Office also lists the Department of Motor Vehicle locations in all fifty states as well as the hours they are open.

Turns out that, like mamas, grandmas know best.


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