Sensible Guidelines Make Online Gaming Safer for Your Kids


Online gaming is wildly popular with both adults and children. Since the online world can be a dangerous place, it’s especially important to protect kids when they participate in online gaming. Consider the following suggestions that can make games a safer activity.

  1. Game with your children. It’s easy, fun, and a good way to bond. If you participate actively, you will be more likely to understand what games your child likes and why.
  1. Set limits. You probably know that structure is a good thing, so create rules that your child can understand setting gaming time limits, gaming locations and the types of games allowed.
  1. Don’t rely on gaming ratings. Do some research and see for yourself.
  1. Be alert for the negative effects of gaming like gaming addiction. Moderation is important.
  1. You can count on eventually encountering aggressive anti-social behavior and abusive language in online gaming interaction. Make sure your children know that such behavior is not acceptable for them, either online or in the real world. Courtesy and good sportsmanship is still important.
  1. Keep security software current on your gaming systems to protect from viruses, malware and other online threats. Make passwords long and strong so they are secure as well.
  1. Focus on protecting personal information by making sure your child maintains a level of anonymity. Online gaming can attract individuals who are not who they say they are and do not have the best intentions. For example, have the child use an avatar rather than an actual picture of themselves. If the game features live voice chat, make sure they disguise their voice. If the game does not have this feature, do not let them use voice chat. Remind them that it’s important to limit how and with whom they share information.

Let the Internet Help You Ace Your Driver’s Test


A Kingdom customer recently shared a website with us — and the story of how it helped her granddaughter become a licensed driver.  In fact, this grandmother was so pleased with the results her granddaughter achieved using that she was motivated to pay it forward so others could enjoy the same benefits.

“When my granddaughter was going for her driving permit test I took it upon myself to do some research and make sure she not only had the tools she’d need to pass the test (and save me the headache of driving back and forth to the DMV), but make sure she had the knowledge she’d need to be a safe driver. In doing so, I came across – a site that has practice tests for each state; which she used to quiz herself and prepare for the actual exam. The site was a perfect complement to her driver’s education course. I was inspired to share it with you when I saw your page. She used a few other driving permit tests, but found this one to be the most useful to her purposes and attributes it to her success in passing the first time (she spent hours studying the practice road signs tests). I pray she retains the knowledge and stays safe!”

Learning to drive and passing the driver’s test can be a stressful experience for a lot of people, and this site offers tools to help create knowledgeable and confident drivers. The site is comprised of three main parts: Permit Practice Tests, Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests, and Road Sign Tests. Driving Office also lists the Department of Motor Vehicle locations in all fifty states as well as the hours they are open.

Turns out that, like mamas, grandmas know best.

Shareholders Elect New Board Member at Annual Meeting


Jacob Baumgartner

For the first time in many years, the  Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held at a location other than South Callaway R-II High School in Mokane. A school event scheduling conflict led Kingdom to look for an alternative venue, and North Callaway R-I High School in Auxvasse was chosen.


Members register to vote.

The meeting, held on March 4, 2017, marked the sixty-second time shareholders gathered to administer our cooperative’s business. Perhaps the most important order of business at each meeting is the election of three directors. This year, a new face was added to the Board when Mike Love, Board President and Auxvasse representative, chose to retire, leaving the race for the Auxvasse exchange open to new contenders.  Jacob Baumgartner defeated opponent Normal Huls. Jacob is President of Baumgartner’s Furniture in Auxvasse and also serves on the Callaway County Special Services Board. In the Big Spring exchange, incumbent Gene Eldringhoff defeated Mike Grosse, and in the Tebbetts exchange, another incumbent, Eugene Richards, won a close battle with Henry Domke, M.D.


General Manager Renee Reeter addresses members.

In other business, shareholders voted on several bylaw changes. All proposed changes were passed, and the new bylaws may be seen on the Kingdom website.


Outgoing director Mike Love is joined by board member Gene Eldringhoff

Winners of the prize drawings were:
Children 12 and under – Shelby Ward
Children 13-18 – Seth Elley
$300 cash – Carol Elsenraat
$200 cash – Gary Call
$100 Cash – James or Alyce Zerr
Roku –  Mark and Debbie Hiatte




You Could Win a Roku Player at the Annual Meeting

Our 62nd Annual Meeting is coming up on March 4. One of the most popular – and fun – parts of the meeting is the prize drawing at the end. The year we will focus on cash prizes; there are three for adults in the amounts of $300, $200, and $100. As a bonus, we will also draw for a Roku 3 player, a streaming video device that connects to your television.

We encourage our customers to take a look at the advantages of streaming video over their Internet connections, and the Roku device is one of the premier ways to stream. Roku players can be an affordable alternative to pay TV or can be used as an enhancement to cable and satellite connections.

It’s simple to set up a Roku, which connects to your wireless network and your TV. Once connected, you create a Roku account and start streaming. The device has an easy-to-understand interface, a simple remote, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Roku player is a gateway to a staggering amount of content. The Channel Store offers 3,500 streaming channels, including blockbuster movies, broadcast TV, big entertainment brands, and niche channels, along with live sports, news, and music. A surprising amount of content can be obtained for free or nearly free. Content is also available to rent or buy; in some cases a subscription is required. Well-known channels like Netflix and Hulu can be accessed through a Roku player, but there are a lot more choices to keep everyone in the family entertained, as you can see below.

Relax My Dog (free) – 4-hour long playlists and slideshows composed to relax your pet or keep them company when you’re away.

Bob Ross (free) – Paint happy clouds, mountains and trees in about twenty-six minutes with the beloved Bob Ross.

Popular Science (free) – Coverage of scientific developments like electric cars, electric airplanes, 3D printing, and bio-technology.

Jim Henson Family TV (free) – Kids and family TV from the magical world of Jim Henson.

Zumba (free/paid) – A mixture of introductory and advanced Zumba workout routines and basic Zumba steps. The channel is free to add, and you can browse the library of videos, which offers a mix of free content and video purchasing options.

No matter what you choose, the total cost is generally minimal. In fact, it’s likely you will save money by “cutting the cord” on your cable or satellite service and sticking to online streaming. For instance, if you keep it simple and are happy with over-the-air TV and Netflix, the cost can be as low as $10 per month (plus Internet connection). There are no monthly equipment rental fees for owning a Roku TV or player.

To stay informed on the world of online streaming, visit

On the Road, Off the Phone

passenger frightened by reckless driver holding a cell phone

Missouri currently has no laws restricting adults from using a cell phone while driving, but it does ban texting for all drivers 21 years old or younger. Teen distracted driving is a serious matter that is vividly (and disturbingly) reflected in available statistics. For instance, according to a Pew survey, 40% of all American teens say they

have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. 11% percent of drivers aged 18 to 20 who were involved in an automobile accident and survived admitted they were sending or receiving text when they crashed, and 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their cell phones.

If you have teens, what can you do to keep them safe? The FCC has some recommendations for you. Give teen drivers simple, clear instructions not to use their wireless devices while driving. Remind them that taking their eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, could cause injury or cost someone their life. Then remind yourself of the same thing! No one should text and drive. Children learn from their parents, so set rules for yourself and your household regarding distracted driving. It’s a simple as, “on the road, off the phone.”

For more information about distracted driving, visit




Good Times at the Open House

There were sunny skies, pleasant temperatures, and smiles all around at our 2016 Customer Appreciation Day on September 30. The event was held in the parking lot at our Auxvasse offices. Bratwurst, hot dogs, and chips were on the menu with fresh hot kettle corn for snacking. Everyone who attended received a t-shirt, and there was a drawing for two Roku 3 streaming video devices. Nita Wilkerson of Auxvasse  and Kim Rayhart of Portland were the winners.


Renee’, Lee and Joyce (left to right) talked to folks about streaming video and other content over the Internet. The Callaway County Public Library provided an outreach display on e-books.


Dave Jones and his four-legged helper from Missouri One Call shared goodies and information on the correct procedures to follow when digging and doing construction.


Steve rocks a patriotic hat!


Paula helped Jumping Jackie the kangaroo share our Jump 1 promotion.


Kettle corn has become one of the most popular features of our Open House. Thanks to Ryan Nevins of Westphalia for cooking.


Customers visit the Cut the Cord and Stream booth to sign up for our giveaways.

Customer Appreciation Day – You’re the Best!

Picnic Table Ready For Fourth of July Party

Take some time out of your busy schedule to join us for Customer Appreciation Day 2016 on Friday, September 30. The festivities will take place in the parking lot of our office in Auxvasse from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine.

The theme this year is “The Freedom to Stream” and we’re rolling out the red, white, and blue for it. We want to bring attention to the benefits of cutting the cable cord or dumping the satellite dish in favor of streaming video over the Internet.

You’ll want to be sure to visit the new educational booth focusing on the streaming video revolution. Streaming video is an easy and economical alternative to cable or satellite television. It is especially attractive because you can tailor it to your taste and budget. We will broadcast some of the streaming services on-screen for you and showcase the Roku player, one of the most popular streaming devices.

The highlight of the event will be our traditional cook-out. We are grilling bratwurst and hot dogs for you and will serve them with chips and bottled water. Folks with a sweet tooth can enjoy bags of kettle corn in classic and gourmet flavors.

Missouri One Call will join us with their great giveaways and information on how to safely handle excavation projects from planting trees to putting in fence posts. Many utility lines are located underground and out of sight, so digging carelessly can cause disruption of services, environmental damage, or even loss of life.

It wouldn’t be Customer Appreciation Day without giveaways. Customers clamor for our t-shirts, so pick up the 2016 edition tee when you arrive. You can sign up for our drawing at the same table. To complement  the streaming video theme, we are giving away a Roku 3 streaming player. The Roku 3 provides access to 3,000 channels-on-demand, offering more than 300,000 movies and TV episodes, and the ability to search across more than twenty top streaming channels to find the best price and option. An Internet connection is required.

We’re hoping, of course, for a pretty autumn day. Perhaps the best part of Customer Appreciation Day is the opportunity to get together, sit in the warm sunshine, and visit with each other. Join us, plan on having a great time, and let us thank you for your business!


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